Find peaceful solution not just to problems with your partners or competitors, but also between offices inside your company. Individuals and corporations recognize business mediation as an ideal alternative to costly and time-consuming litigation.
Conflict appears when two parties has different main interests. This can be solved by full waged “war” in civil society called litigation, where either one party wins all or both parties lose. Solving the conflict by finding common understanding means that both parties are winners and save time, money and resources.

So how will mediation benefit your company?

Win-Win Solution

Saves resources.


Saves time.


Saves money.
For conflicts inside company (between employees)
For conflicts with Business partners

Path to resolution:


  • 1) We listen and ask

    Information is key, only after we accommodate enough information, we can think about possible solutions.

  • 2) Analyze

    All information have to be sorted out by their priority, than analyzed and search for common priorities.

  • 3) Offer solution

    In the end we together find balanced solution good for both parties.

Lets compare!

  • Usually, only one person involved as a neutral mediator.
  • Peaceful and Amicable. Both sides win.
  • Cost-effective.
  • All information remains confidential.
  • The parties communicate and brainstorm in order to formulate creative solutions.
  • The parties decided how long it will take.
  • Each party retains a lawyer, more persons involved.
  • Litigious and Adversarial One winner or both sides lose = risky.
  • Costly.
  • All information submitted to the court becomes part of the public record.
  • Lawyers and judges make decisions.
  • Court proceedings, disputes and lengthy negotiations can take several years.

Why is mediator needed?

Because both parties in conflict has different opinions and interests, it is very difficult for them to find solution which would be balanced. Balanced deal – It needs to include interests of both parties in the way that parties would still respect each other but also it has to be enough convenient for them to accept it.

Mediator as 3rd party sees both parties in conflict without emotional load. Mediator will lead parties to balanced and convenient solution.

Let's find peaceful solution together.
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