Developed game or business simulator to help participants experience the most realistic decision-making processes in the company environment.

Doing mistakes – Is the main application of business game “Companio” is to make mistakes, because doing mistakes in game or simulator is much cheaper than in real environment and it is the best way to learn.

Common understanding – In a friendly way Companio explains basics of economics, reasons for different decisions in companies and shows different views from each company departments. This helps colleagues from different offices in one company understand each other’s decisions.

Simple – Realistic environment with attention to core, participants spend less time learning game rules and more time learning to understand nature of the market.

Available in 2 versions:

For Trade Company
For Factory / Manufacturer
  • 1) Analysis and Strategy

    Teams first calculate monthly cost of company in current condition and analyze possibilities for future with choosing the strategy.

  • 2) Purchasing material

    There are limited number of material available in market. Sometimes its enough to fulfill the team’s needs sometimes not. In this case material is sold from highest bidder down.

  • 3) Producing / Manufacturing

    Producing costs money – employees, energy, transport. All of that as one cost per one company / factory.

  • 4) Products sale

    Team’s strategy is seen in the last stage of the period when they compete with others to sell in one market. Market needs is limited and there can be more products than market needs. In this case sales first the team with lowest cost.


Realistic game environment allows scenarios as “financial crisis”, “dumping”, “scarcity of resources” to be simulated in game by the decisions made by participants themselves – same as in real life. Because of this, the game is focused only on core market principles, which allow lower time needed to learn the game rules, which saves your budget and time.

Winner is the team with highest profit in the end of the game!

Lets compare!

Other Business simulator

Participants are learning by doing mistakes.

Ultra realistic scenarios with attention to every details.

1 week of home-studying is needed to learn rules.

Affordable for corporations with big budget.


Participants are learning by doing mistakes.

Ultra realistic scenarios with attention to core market principles.

1 Hour before game begins is enough to learn rules.

Affordable for corporations, medium size companies and small companies.

What will You and Your team learn?

At the end of each game, there will be an analysis with questions like:

  • Why did you invest in a new factory / company? Was it the right decision?
  • Why did you buy so much material? Did you use all of them?
  • Why did you take a loan? Was it necessary?

Answers to these or similar questions which will came after or during the Business Game are the Keys to participant’s improvement.
It is always much cheaper to learn from mistakes done in simulation than in real company.

I am interested to know more.

Mediation BONUS

Because participants experience position from which they make decisions and take responsibility, they are more likely to understand decisions of their managers and each others. On the other hand managers better observe the view of their emplyees.